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Illyrian states

Following a question in the Supreme Court Discord on the nature of telegramming during campaigning season, covered under Section 4 of the Electoral Conduct Act, we have collectively agreed to the interpretation of "mass telegram" to mean any telegram which is meant for massed and easy campaigning, IE the use of a format which is either easy to individualize to a recipient nation or ambiguous towards what nations it is addressed to altogether, sent across any number of nations for the purposes of campaigning.

Furthermore we believe that the sentiment driving the banning of mass telegrams is meant more as a way to make campaigns more public to begin with (IE campaigning forced through the RMB) so that participants are accountable and promises made are public record (as opposed to telegrams which can be kept secret to a degree) and thus doesn't allow the candidate to make selective promises. However, it doesn't specify "all telegrams" because there might still be valid usage of telegrams in campaigns which don't fall under the former category, ergo, it only specifies mass telegrams.

In addition to making campaigns more public and transparent, the prohibition of the use of massed telegrams would effectively remove a share of unfair advantages an individual may possess due to their status or skills IE the ability to send mass amounts of telegrams thru automated scripts; regional powers; stamps; or big amounts of free time allowing for manual sending, making for more fair elections.

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