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Region: Middle Earth

Bombadil wrote:Tulkas : 1265 strikes cured 169791 mil

I was like, wow.. 1265 strikes, that's pretty hardcore..
Noldoria : 19052 strikes cured 201350 mil

Wow, that's a huge number of strikes for Noldoria!

I can't even begin to imagine what kind of efforts were put into accomplishing that. Personally, in the Z-day event I used my laptop and had the website loaded in 4 distinct webpages (on 4 different browsers, actually on 2 + 2 incognito modes) so I could load 4 nations at a time and use the same 20s cool-off timer with all of them simultaneously.

But I'm sure there are some better ways, while still retaining the fun of the event and within the site rules. After all, for me, the event is more about the "fun" we have as a community and the bonding over keeping our region safe against the rise of the zombies. That's why I have all the respect for all the players that put some effort and spent some time on their nation to cure others.

Dwarf wrote:Also, Tatarica, I see you have a few more humorously-named puppets besides Dispatch. Gave me a chuckle.

Haha, indeed! Those names might soon be edited out of the dispatch if I fold the contributions to my nation, but nice catch! ;p