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Region: The Great Chili

Aeritai wrote:"Its no problem... I don't want you to lose control again." Pepper said as she smiled at her Saiyan friend.

Trunks with a sigh of relief walked over to Mira and kneeled on the ground to look him in the eyes, now it was time to get more information out of Mira and find out what Towa's and Demigra's plans are next.

"What is Towa and Demigra panning next Mira?" Trunks asked in a demanding tone.

"They're heading to Conton City... And with them a army of 21's Androids." Mira said still with a evil smirk on his face.

"Once they have arrived... They will destroy everything there!"

Trunks had a look of panic on his face, with the power of the dark dragon balls that Towa had created Demigra would be able to wipe out the entire city along with the Time Nest. The half-Saiyan knew that he, Pepper, and Kalla needed to head back and warn the Supreme Kai of Time. Before Trunks could ask more questions from Mira, the experimental warrior drew his last breath and fell on the ground dead due to the amount of blood lost.

"We need to head back now and warn the Supreme Kai of Time before its too late." Trunks said as he pulled out the Time Scroll that would take them back to the Time Nest.

"Well sounds like Demigra is your problem now..." Cooler said as he began to create a portal that would take him back to Aylote's Timeline (His home timeline).

"Wait... But if Demigra wins then how are you going to get revenge?" Pepper asked confused.

"You don't think I know that? I am well aware the danger Demigra can bring and as much as I hate to say this... I am sure Flaz and his pet monkey will be able to defeat him. They faced many challenges before in our timeline if anything they will pull through some how." Cooler explained.

"Now if you excuse me, I have a empire to rebuild goodbye Time Patrol."

And with that Cooler entered his man made mortal and went back to his original timeline leaving the three Time Patrollers alone in a deserted timeline.

Time Chamber

"Don't worry we will only use our new found powers for good." Aylote assured both Goku and Vegeta.

Aylote then looked over towards Flaz as he also began to think about all the events that l have led his family to this very point. From him becoming the first SSJ2 to having the powers of a deity.

Hard to believe so many years have passed.... To think I was just a low class warrior back on Earth trying to help the humans. I am amazed at how far I have come in this life time. Aylote thought to himself.

Both Winter and May smiled at Flaz, it would seem their training has paid off and now that Flaz has mastered his Golden Form. Towa and Mira will have a hard time acting out whatever they have planned. When Flaz mentioned where the Flaz was, both May and Winter looked to each other in confusion where was their Flaz?

"Well where ever he is I'm sure he's doing one of his crazy plans..." Winter said as he looked towards Aylote's Flaz.

"You did great you should rest up a bit until you head off and fight Mira and Towa."

"This was fun Winter we tried this again." May said as she put her jacket back on and then stood on her toes to kiss Winter on the cheek which of course caused the Clansman to blush before quickly hiding it once again.

The group seemed to have no worries at all and they were ready to take on whatever would come their way. However, the cheerful and relaxed mood would quickly change as Aylote, Erkin, and Flaz would sense a dark energy heading towards Conton City... And it was a energy they all have felt before.

"No... It can't be... I thought we killed him." Aylote said as sweat began to appear on his forehead.

"Ho- How- Did he get, so strong?!" Erkin asked.

"Who are you talking about?" Winter asked the two Saiyans.

"Demigra... He's being brought back to life." Aylote said.

Aylote's Present Timeline

"Well...." Sabi said as she tried thinking of something.

"She just is! I know it! There is no way Kali can be that good at dodging.... What did you teach her Mister?"

Once Cooler was gone, Kalla looked to Trunks as they were all left in the desert with the bodies of Mira and the Androids they destroyed while Mira was fighting Cooler. "We should get back and warn the Supreme Kai, if Demigra really is on the move to Conton City, then we'll need all hands on Deck to take him down..." He says as he starts to get an idea of his own, something he will have to bring up to the supreme Kai when they get back.

"We'll need every able fighter who can fuse or transform just to hold him off, maybe even gather as many people who can't and charge a spirit Bomb strong enough to wipe Demigra out. If not then the biggest Kamehameha in history by just about everyone in Conton City."


As everyone leaves the Time chamber, to feel the terrible power of the approaching Demigra along with Towa and her army of 21's androids, TP Flaz was outside waiting for the lot of them, seems whatever schemes he had going have been put on hold with this approaching power. Even TP Flaz was shocked at the sudden power increase he felt from the lot of them. "Perfect timing you guys, everyone's on alert for this... And just in time my alternative universe self. I've got a stupid idea for this fight, and it involves another me to fuse with."

Flaz was surprised to hear this from the Time Patrol version of himself, what he knew of fusion did tell him that the fusion will be stronger with people who know each other well. And a fusion between the exact same person should be plenty powerful. "Hah, that is stupid. Buuut I don't dislike it."