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Region: The Great Chili

2020 Z-Day Results for TGC:

In just shy of 20 hours we cleared the zombie plague from our region with ZERO DEAD. Everyone survived. It's no record breaker, our regional record being 11 hours, but that's cause real life stuff like work and college has gotten in the way of how efficiently we can keep up. WITH THAT SAID, it's taken us over 24 hours for the past several years so this is progress for our current roster, which I am only just now noticing but is actually at the lowest it's been in a long time.

Like, since when did we only have 2 pages with 19 nations, last I paid attention to those numbers we had 4 pages with 34 nations XD Oh well, it is what it is. Plus our regional population has still gone WAY up, on account of how old many of our nations have now become. So despite national diversity being at a low, regional population is still on the rise. And regional population is the number I care about because that's what gets us on Z-day leaderboards >:) will post our leaderboard positioning when Z-day is over and I have time to check it.

ZOCOM and Ban jae-hwa