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Region: The Holy See of Vagen

old wfe

Founder:[color=red]S[/color][color=green]o[/color][color=blue]u[/color][color=pink]t[/color][color=yellow]h[/color] [color=purple]F[/color][color=green]l[/color][color=red]a[/color][color=blue]v[/color][color=orange]o[/color][color=yellow]r[/color][color=pink]t[/color][color=red]o[/color][color=green]w[/color][color=blue]n[/color]
[color=purple]Vegun! Welcome to the Holy See of Vagen.[/color]
The Vageni are an elite people that seek to spread the Holy Word of Vagen. Our official languages are English and Vageni. We hold elections once a month to vote on one candidate to become the next Grand Vagen. If you would like to be eligible, either telegram the current Grand Vagen or the Founder for more information. The Grand Vagen will be able to serve the Vageni alongside the Founder with all of the same power.