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Region: Capitalist Paradise

Our Nation does not ordinarily put out public statements, however it seems prudent to do so at this time.
Northern Borland has no quarrels with the WA, nor do we have any quarrels with the author of the condemnation.
In fact, I have offered Tinhampton advice on writing the condemnation.
It is not that our nation is apathetic to this proposal, quite the opposite, Northern Borland is oppose to this proposal.
As Northern Borland is not a WA member, our nation simply does not wish to unduely influence the decision of WA member nations.
WA precedent will either be set by a prior decision (see Kindjal) or remain an unsettled matter as to the efficacy of condemn/commend nations based upon their ability to answer issues.
Although it is an interesting twist to the well deserved Kindjal Commidation, it opens the possibility that every nation can be targeted for individual nation's current reported stats based upon current political climate, as opposed to their nation's contribution to the NationStates community as a whole.

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