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Region: Middle Earth Roleplay

Wild hunt

I agree with Dispatch, I learned a good deal about not only roleplaying, in general, but also about the creation of lore. I had a lot of fun reading through folks' updates and the progressing story. It was nice to see folks take the time to sculpt high-quality updates, as it really pushed me to take more time writing my own.

And, Dispatch, don't fret about your activity. I can't imagine having someone more engaged and on top of things.

Clan frostbeard, your English was quite good, don't worry at all. And I greatly enjoyed following your detailed story. And thanks for the work on the map -- it was so professional and of such quality that it felt like I should be paying for access to it!

-wille-harlia-, my only regret is that I was not able to fully stomp your faction into the earth :P Next time... Thanks for being a fun enemy :)

By the way, I don't know how to accomplish this, but if we do this again, we should figure out a way to conduct OOC talk more easily. So often, I wanted to make little remarks, here and there, comment about good ideas, engage in a little back-and-forth competitive banter. Stuff that felt too insignificant and frivolous to disrupt the main RMB here with.

Dispatch, -wille-harlia-, New margaux, and Clan frostbeard