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Region: Middle Earth Roleplay

Thank you everyone for your time and your efforts and your participation in this Roleplay.

It has been an amazing journey, one that I was hesitant to start five-six months ago ... but the last 4 months while this RP lasted (yes, it's been so long!) I haven't regretted at all. Surely, I could have been more active in the past month but RL issues have prevented me to be act better as a GM. But 20 updates is no small feat, considering that the first RP iteration was 7 updates and the second RP iteration was 11 updates !

Nevertheless, I have learned many things about the roleplay and about how to make it better for a future iteration. There's room for much improvement, from the things that you have offered input and from other stuff I figured out on my own but wasn't able to integrate it in the RP. I admit that this RP setup is a bit hard and convoluted for the beginner, and I strive to make it better and more seamless. Hope to see a future iteration of this, or any other similar project.

I also have to admit that I have learned some new things about the lore. We've had some amazing players here and they offered really valuable input about the world we roleplayed in. I felt honored playing with you, and, I also admit, felt at times a bit embarassed by my own lack of knowledge. I even had to research stuff just to try to keep up!

All in all, I appreciate you coming together and participating. It really could not have been done without you, the players. Your determination to keep the RP rolling made my day.

I decided against personally naming all of you and saying a few words about everyone, because I am bad with closing remarks and I wouldn't want to make someone feel less than what they offered. However, I can not close this without saying special thanks to the player behind the nation of Clan frostbeard for helping me with the graphics in the map. If it wasn't for him we would still be playing with an obsolete map and with way uglier army icons (just check the previous iterations of the RP).

You can do whatever you'd like with your nations. You can leave them to cease to exist or use them for whatever else. If there is a future RP in this region all other nations will be ejected at the time the RP starts. You are free to leave closing remarks here about your experience and about what you feel can be done better in the future. If you don't want the highlights feel free to Telegram me.

On a similar relevant note, I just realized (when checking the NS nations) that Wild hunt has in-theme nation banners. I don't know how I didnt catch that! Nice addition to the immersion, hehe.

New margaux, Wild hunt, and Clan frostbeard