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October 29, 2020

International Internet Day

The Internet is everywhere these days, being accessed on phones and tablets, tied into our cameras and our TV’s. Wi-Fi is accessible from everywhere these days, from city buses to your neighborhood McDonald’s, and the world grows smaller every day as a result. Internet Day is a celebration of this culmination of computing and communication technology, and they way it has brought all our lives together.

The first letters ever transmitted across the prodigal internet, which consisted of two computers, were “L” and “O”. This was as far as they got before the ‘Net crashed, and they had to reboot to get things in running order. We’ve been resetting our routers ever since, just to keep our beloved lifeline running ever since.

Internet Day celebrates the origin of the very first internet transmission ever sent, and from it the utterly world-changing series of events that followed. People are able to video conference from around the world, and the information is stored and transmitted at unbelievable rates between computers and friends and family. Enhanced Reality is becoming a reality, with Digital Overlays available for real world things, seamlessly combining the world of the internet with the one we walk around in every day.

Hard to believe that the first internet transmission was sent just months after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. The internet is already slightly extra-terrestrial, with video and communication available to the astronauts and space stations circling in low-earth orbit.

Why don’t you start your celebration of Internet Day by visiting the original website, which just so happens to still be online! Take a moment to gander at its high-quality graphics, it’s utterly sleek and streamlined design, and the sheer high-tech embodied by the first website ever. Absolutely stunning? No?

Realize that at its time, this was the internet, this was how things were designed and put together. So low was the rate at which data could be transferred that images were to be a dream of a distant future, one that would come along swiftly, and with advances and innovations that couldn’t be imagined at that point.

Then go and do your favorite things, visit with your friends, read up on your favorite forums, and generally take some time to appreciate how far the internet has come in the days that followed. Internet Day is a reminder to all of us that this amazing invention started out with two letters “L” and “O”, before we ever were able to login to trillions of website’s put up by billions of users.

Today In Sports History

1973 - The New York Islanders beat the New York Rangers for the first time.

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Yesterday's Poll Results

Tomorrow at 4pm EST there is a great match between Juventus and FC Barcelona. Will you pick the correct outcome?
FC Barcelona won 2-0

Winners (adding SB105 to their totals)
Fedele, Davelands, Minimark, and Zizzland

Mad Jack Does Sports, Hotspurnia, Ubekibekibekibekistanstan, and WI SD EA D

NFL Weekly Betting Tournament

NFL Fantasy Football Standings

Rank  Team                  W-L-T  Pts For  Pts Agnst  Streak
1 Fedele's Fine Team 5-2-0 813.82 661.64 W-3
2 Managerless Team 5-2-0 666.60 598.86 W-4
3 Syb Sybbadome 4-3-0 806.46 730.22 W-2
4 Eriurian Natives 4-3-0 741.14 660.98 W-1
5 Fdrydens First class 4-3-0 704.80 748.72 L-2
6 Zizzland Tigers 4-3-0 643.64 656.32 L-2
7 Adorable Davelands 3-4-0 680.14 792.60 W-2
8 Badger is your Daddy 3-4-0 661.78 675.32 L-1
9 Stonebridge Senators 2-5-0 645.66 712.60 L-3
10 The Cleveland State 1-6-0 600.18 726.96 L-6

2020 Handicapping Standings

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