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Region: The East Pacific

Since the last reports from Levantin arrived in the west, the situation has changed drastically. Mandate troops, reinforced by Danish and San Sierran crusaders, have rallied against the Emirati Invasion.

According to the LOHR, a large offensive aimed at capturing Ibelin was repulsed. Emirati units had their ranks decimated by artillery and drone strikes with casualties numbering in the thousands. The Crusader Council claimed that it has conducted a counteroffensive in the Sargon region and retaken 12 villages from the enemy. The ULE denied these allegations, but admitted to taking severe losses.

On the Arab Republic-Mandate front, the fighting has gone even better from the Crusaders. Counterattacks involving drones, flexible light infantry units, and armor beat back Saddam's forces. 12 out of the 12 villages captured by the Arab Republic at the beginning of the war were retaken.

According to the LOHR, the Levantine Arab Republic has been arming child soldiers and resorting to human wave attacks in desperation. Losses are expected to be catastrophic.

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