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Clan frostbeard


Clan Frostbeard:

--- at Hollin ---

"The Empire of Coldvar most likely saved us all?", quoted Dralvik: "give me a break... how do we know to you are actually Cirdan? You left us with out a warning and now everything is fix? And What's the matter with you Amlaith?!".

The dwarven king look at King Minyatur in the eyes and continued: "Do you have any clue what I had to choose to move my forces to your aid? I had the oportunity to aid my dwarven- brother King Alexius who is struggling in the east against a massive orc force..."

Dralvik kept hitting the table, flipping the utensils he had at hand: "... to think that I worry about your whereabouts Cirdan... What are your folks gonna do against the alliance between Empire of Coldvar and the Etyangoldi Alliance?, Did you know that the evil-hearted elves are incursing in your land? My scouts are informing report after report about this... so to accept that the Empire of Coldvar did something for the good of the free-folk is something that I can't not belive... maybe if was a distraction! for my beard!"

The room was silent. The elven king and the human king were looking down processing this information, something that apparently they did not know.

"Lucky for you Cirdan...", Dralvik continued: "I do care about your kin and our friendship, and if everything goes as planned thane Nrulvim, thane of the Blue Mountains is marching towards Lindon to aid the elves... I hopw he can defeat them. As for your Amlaith, King Minyatur. Man up Amlaith!... Arise King Minyatur descendent of the House of Elros, the Half-elf for your time is now! Your letter showed a claire example that your mind was blurred, but I'm here cause I belive in you!

Arise King of Arthedain! you have your allys united here.

Arise King! For Eriador. For the free-people, let's make a last effort!

My kings! Ride out with me. Ride out with me and lead those evil forces to the abyss!

Let this be the time that we draw swords together and free Middle Earth!

Let's dismiss the Emperor and the rest of the evil force from Middle Earth... Ride with me!"

The rest of the diners could feel their hearts beating faster upon hearing Dralvik's words.

Move 1400 Soldiers from Blue Mountians to Northern Lindon
Waits for the response of King Cirdan and King Minyatur.

Dispatch, -wille-harlia-, New margaux, and Wild Hunt