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Region: Middle Earth

Congratulations on being featured, Lothlorien and Lady Galadriel!

As for myself, the obvious answer would be Galadriel. Sure, my perception can be skewed, but what's not to like in a lady elf that has beauty, knowledge, and power - and wields the ring Nenya ? (totally not biased because of Lady Galadriel's name)

Arwen would be a close second, but just because I am just a weak mortal man and we are to assume the answer has to revolve around staying at home with them during a pandemic.

If I were to select a 3rd pick not based on looks, I'd go with Bilbo. He has his own fair share of stories to pass the time if I am interested to hear, and if I'm not I know that he'll be busy writing his memoirs. And, obviously, no one will suffer from hunger.