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National Assembly Split During International "Cold War"

    The National Assembly is the largest one-party parliament in the world, with 2,980 Glownist members with different political spectrum views, often split between the Left, Right and Centrists. Relative ease ran through the Assembly since the Bielen Crisis, which saw ex-President Anatol Bielen assasinated.

    Today, in the 43rd session this year, the Assembly addressed the issue on the current 'cold war' between communism and democracy. This issue effectively split the Assembly in half between the Right and the Left, with the Centrists acting as a buffer zone. Bickering was constant throughout the 43rd session.

    President Mateusz Tkaczyk addressed the split of the National Assembly during an interview, stating "...This unprecedented civil war erupting in the Assembly will be handled to the best of my abilities. In my eyes, this bickering is nothing but child's play rather then professional politics."

    The Assembly will be meeting for it's 44th session next week Saturday to further discuss international tensions and where the State stands.