by Max Barry

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Region: Middle Earth Roleplay


It had seemed to King Alexius that a great sleep had fallen across the land, a sleep that had not been matched since before the awakening of the elves. But, that sleep seems to have passed, and times were ending, the end of an age. He could feel it deep in his bones. The trolls had attacked High Pass, with an army easily he could defeat. But the Druwaith he aided him, and now he must aid them, or all his gold may be forfeit! To riches or ruin, whatever awaits. Likely ruin, he knew this. So he penned a message to Dralvik, his loyal ally through all.

My brother, this age of Middle Earth is coming to an end, I can feel it deep in my bones. Surely you can too. The Trolls have invaded High Pass, and I suspect they have attacked you as well. But I care not. The Druwaith have aided me by attacking the allies of the Orcs, and now they are beset by them. So I ride, to riches or ruin, to their aid. Likely ruin. If only things had gone differently, if we had eliminated the Orcs quickly. If Queen Barazturg had lived. If only we had destroyed the Trolls when we had the chance. But now, you fight the Coldvar, and I fight the Orcs. I pray to the Valar I see you on the other side, my friend.
With that, he sent his thoughts to Dralvik. Now, he sends a rider to Garahir with following message:
Garahir of the Druwaith,
My ally, King Tulin of Mirkwood, has taken all but the eastern section of Rhovanion. I now ride for Dagorlad, on the borders of Mordor. I will liberate this region from the evil of the Orcish Horde, and then, we will see. I ride for riches or ruin, for both our sakes.
Lastly, he knows the Trolls, though dimwitted, are not to be ignored.

Torogok of Ettenmoors!
What is the meaning of this dastardly attack on my realm! Explain your actions!
He sent every rider on their way and sat down. He rubbed his head. He looked up at the mirror. He said to himself. "In so small an amount of time, I look so much older!" He sat down again, and sat there, thinking.
Send the above messages.
Attack Dagorlad with 3000 dwarves.
Move remaining 1820 dwarves and hero to Gray Mountain

Dispatch, New Margaux, Wild hunt, and Clan frostbeard