by Max Barry

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--- at Hollin ---

The discussions between King Amlaith Minyatur of the Kingdom of Arthedain and King Dralvik of the Clan Frostbeard were disturbed by the sudden entry of an Arthedain diplomat; apparently, King Cirdan of the Elvea-Falasse, just arrived at the castle!

Hasty preparations were made to greet the elf king; not a lot was to be done since many of them were already prepared for the meeting with the dwarf - what's more than to add an other chair to the room?

King Minyatur greeted first; "Esteemed leader of elves, welcome back among those that are living! We have not heard any news from you since you burrowed yourself in Northern Cardolan - we couldn't even reach you as all roads were blockaded by many of your troops, barring access to whatever happened in my regions! What have you to say about this? Speak now, while we are still friends!"

King Cirdan had other plans, however. He acknowledged both Kings ... "Brothers, I find you both here" he added, while catching his breath. "Curufinwe Fallenstar is, finally, defeated!" The two kings of Men and Dwarves looked puzzled.

"Know that I have been in a mental lock-down between Curufinwe and myself for now what feels to be an eternity; I, and many of my troops, entered a deep meditation and fought off the entity we knew as Curufinwe Fallenstar - he was more than an elf, I dare to say! We thought that we have bested him in the fields, but he merely changed his shape!

When news of this came about my ears, I knew that things were grave. I tried to contact you but I could sense his powers extending all around Middle Earth and his shape turning into a dark spawn creation, a flying creature of terrifying appetite for destruction. As time was short, I gave orders not to be disturbed and entered the meditation state in which my mind seeked his mind and tried to fight him off in this mental state while he was still weak.

This fight drew all of my strength away and I fear that my days here in Middle Earth have came to their end. I managed to lock Curufinwe into the fight and that part of him was engaging me. However, his powers were way beyond mine, and I felt that he managed to assume a mortal shape and walk the lands again - while building his strength.

He was Feanaro the Sage, king Minyatur! He knew I was the one fighting him and he knew that he needed to seed distrust between our forces, enough to make you want to remove myself and my soldiers from the mental lockdown we were in with a part of his soul.

Alas, he was slowly but surely wearing down our forces, and many of them have their flame of life almost extinguished due to the stress of this engagement. In the latter stages of this fight he managed to best us, and had enough strength to assume an other shape - the dragon, the dragon Minyon!

But luck shines from where we least expect! The forces of the South, of the Empire of Coldvar ... they have a Dragon for themselves! Curufinwe in the shape of the dragon Minyon engaged this dragon of Coldvar and, somehow, it weakened Curufinwe enough for me to reassume control of the mental battle and, together with the battle between the dragons ... brothers, we won!"

King Cirdan feinted for a second, managing to hold his ground by catching the end of a nearby table.
"Know this much. The Empire of Coldvar most likely saved us all. Now know that I, and those with me, are marching back to Mithlond and we will be leaving for Valinor."

Move all troops back to Mithlond.

New margaux, Wild Hunt, and Clan frostbeard