by Max Barry

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Region: Middle Earth Roleplay


Kingdom of Arthedain

--- the dragon Minyon ---

<< How did this happen?! >> - this question was consuming Minyon's mind ... << this is impossible!! >>

Gathering all of his remaining power, Minyon arose from the ground, pushed Aldira into a nearby rock formation and launched himself forward towards the sky. A cowardly retreat .... and one swiftly denied again by Aldira, who flew after Minyon and hit him with a lightning bolt. Minyon's silhouette on the horizon tumbled as he temporarily lost consciousness and plummeted towards the ground.

This sight drew thousand voices of pure joy rose from the assembled masses down below, joined seconds later by a deafening drawn-out thud from the collapsing monster as if the earth itself was drawing a sigh of relief. The body of Minyon disintegrated into a pool of lava that quickly hardened into a rock resembling a shell of a large egg, ever so pulsating.

"You have been warned, yet you did not listen. Farewell, Minyon!" were the last words of Aldira before charges of static electricity hit the rock formation, breaking it down in a million lesser pieces.

The dragon Minyon is defeated