by Max Barry

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Region: Middle Earth Roleplay


The Empire of Coldvar:

Aldira lands hard, and her legs slightly falter. Her front body has scales and burnt skin. Her usual blue color has been blackened, and charred. Nikolai watches his companion, anger reflecting in his eyes.

Aldira looks at the Emperor. An understanding passes between them. Nikolai jumps off her back. He nods.

She turns to the sky, and with a loud roar she launches. She flies hard straight at the Northern dragon, slamming into his underside. She clamps her jaws around the dragons throat.

Minyon starts to struggle, and tears his throat out of Aldira's deadly jaws. Blood cascades down his body. A large wound is left where Aldira had grabbed.

They both pull away from each other. Their wings keeping them at each others level.

Minyon turns, fury in his eyes, and openes his maw. Before he could unleash his flames, Aldira pushes her wings hard, and soars straight up.

Minyon shuts his mouth, and starts to follow the southern dragon. His larger size makes it hard to chase the smaller dragon.

Aldira disappears into the clouds. Minyon stops his eyes scanning the sky above. Searching in vain for her. He feels a shift in the air. A large bolt of light shatters the sky.

The Northern Dragon feels excruciating pain lance through his right wing. His wing fails, and his body starts going into a free fall. He slams into the ground, and loud cracks could be heard as bones in his body snapped like twigs.

Minyon looks up into the sky, and see lightning scattering across it. The clear day, had turned into a dark storm. He saw the southern dragon slowly descend from the clouds.

Her eyes were bright white, and her crystals across her back had electricity dancing between them. Her front and wing were still very burnt, but she lands with grace.

You are the fool Minyon. You came here looking for easy prey, but you were taught that no one can stand against the Empire. It's might, and strength are unmatched. Even a mighty dragon met it's demise. I will let you have some final words, before the Emperor kills you.

Aldira looks at the Emperor who is standing a few feet away. Nikolai unsheathe his sword.

"Speak now, Minyon. Do you have anyone who would like to know you are dead? Do you have something you wish to say before you die? And where would you like to be buried?"