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Clan Frostbeard:

---- In Hollin, at the meeting of the two Kings ----

"I'm not going to lie to you, Amlaith. When you wrote me about a dragon I thought that your mind left your body... but now that I see you in the eyes I can tell you are actually concern... ", Dralvik said to King Minyatur while combing his beard

Dralvik continued: "It brings sadness to my heart to see that you are actually thinging between perrisisng your friends life and surrend yourself to a dragon... As a bearer of Azaghâl´s helmet I can't bear that... Think lad! we have the forces to put this evil creature to the abyss. You don't have to cross your friends!"

Dralvik pointed at the west and said: "There lies my army ready to strike, I have an oath towards you and I will help you... but it's up to you to decide where to strike... that said I informed you that no harm will fall upon any, and I mean any Elf from Elves-Falasse, at least not from my folk... you decide of King of Men", Dralvik aproached Minyatur and looked him and with a solem tone said: "Amlaith, my friend, your people needs you..."

King Dralvik waits for King Minyatur to respond.
Move 65 from Grey Mountain to Whitered Heath
Move 1240 from Forochel to Blue Mountain