by Max Barry

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Region: Middle Earth Roleplay


Kingdom of Arthedain

--- the dragon Minyon, high in the sky ---

The fiery dragon listened to Aldira for long enough; the decision to side with the men below instead of with an other dragon must be punished! "So be it!", Minyon shouted towards Aldira.

Shortly after the shout, the dragon started to quickly flap his wings, sparkling the air around him and creating a small flare that temporarily blinded all nearby, including the sight of the other dragon, Aldira. Now having succesfully disoriented her, Minyon took a deep breath before breathing a huge flowing stream of fire and highly viscous lava towards Aldira, hitting her front body and a big part of her left wing and tail.

The high temperature molten lava was inches away from striking Emperor Nikolai who was on Aldira's back, but she managed to regain control and spiral down towards the ground and bring the Emperor to safety. In the mean time, Minyon turned his attention towards the land of Dunland, starting to spew fire and lava powerful enough to destroy entire villages and to char any creatures or men residing in and around them. His next target is the 4000 strong army tightly packed in the castle of Dunland hill - an easy prey.