by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

BREAKING: The attempted attack on the Monument of Regional Peace has brought up some questions in the FE Government. Questions about domestic terrorism in the FE has popped up for the first time in about 20 years. Empress Xemptoworth addressed Emperial Parliament and this is what she had to say...

"It is clear that domestic terrorism in the FE is a new issue for the Empire. We are going to address this issue in the forefront of national politics and address it in the forefront of Franconian Society. Domestic terrorism has no room in our patriotic hearts. It is a disgrace to Emperial democracy and will not win. Emperor Alex reigned like a dictator and Emperor Franco reversed it all. We will not be burdened with terrorism in our every day lives. Unpatriotic people threatening our loved ones will not work. We will find you, fine you 7 million Astrons, and will be imprisoned for 95 years. I made that into an Executive Order, the first one in 12 years, and I will sign it here."- Empress Xemptoworth.

Xemptoworth signed the order in front of 427 witnesses and made sure everyone saw it. She then requested the EO to be shown on screen for 5 minutes. We'll have more news for you later.