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Region: Selene

BREAKING: We interrupt this program to bring you urgent breaking news. The Empress has ordered all airports to be shut down because there was an airplane hijacked by a man who has not been identified yet. People are expecting it to be a person from a former colony. The Colony of Francono declared independence from the FE due to the progressiveness of the Empire. Francono has made countless threats to the FE and the Department of National Security has responded countless times. Since the Age of Peace (2398- 2410) Franconi President, Louise Pah, made it clear that Francono will never change...

We have a news update, and people's names have been said. The people that hijacked the plane are Belítza Marchicor and Michć Liew, both Franconian (from the Empire). They said they are putting hundreds in danger on purpose. We will have more later.