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Region: The Leftist Assembly

FRS September 2019 Election Broad-Poll Results

Feral Rat Stats have just completed our recurring pre-election Secretary Broad-Poll, this time for the September 2020 Elections. These are the results.

QUESTION: Which of these potential candidates for Secretary would you be most likely to vote for in the September 2020 Election?

Kavagrad: 50%
Argentigrad: 17%
Greylyn: 13%
New Arkados: 8%
Podria: 4%

Don't Know/Unsure: 8%
Other: 0%


1) The sample size was 24 nations, and the Margin of Error was 19.11%

2) The 5 nations in this poll were selected because they had all served in a governmental role in both of the last 2 terms. 5 other nations (Burninati0n, Cedoria, Libertasnia, Nottinhaps and Wascoitan) qualified for this poll but chose to opt-out.

3) A result like this obviously bring up the question of pollster bias (i.e. the possibility that respondents were influenced by the fact that one of the listed options was also asking the question), and we obviously want to bring you the most accurate polling possible. We have been in contact with Unity Statistics and they will be putting forward a second poll in the next couple of days, which may shed some light on how accurate these results are. In any case, FRS will be making some changes to ensure that this isn't a factor in future.

Nottinhaps, Llorens, Grod Island, Argentigrad, and 5 othersNangka, Wascoitan, New Samon, Renjj, and Studichland