by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Breaking: over 187,000 injured and 5,000 dead in the WORST earthquake in Franconian history. The 8.4 has wreaked havoc across the the New East Coast region. Crews are working to restore electricity and water, but over 25 billion Astrons worth of damage has been marked at San Juarez’ s City Lifeline Center. Communication is tough as operators have now queued people and people now have to wait in a phone jam that can last months. Jenkins, Franconia Empire’s top Telecommunications Sales company, has issued a statement saying San Juarez will have free phone service for three months for people effected by the 8.4 earthquake and stated they are “expanding lines of network by placing 10G towers in the air. Service bills will be far less this way due to how the FE used to do this in 2239 during the Great Blackout. FEG&E have stated “Power will be restored at the main hub by November 1.”

More news later