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Oh, well.


Concession Speech

Thank you all for reading this.

The just-past July/August 2020 Local Council elections have been a dramatic experience.

In the first round, many voters purposefully voted either Auphelia or Volaworand in order to create a tie. However, I could not let this happen. In the last ten seconds, I voted for my preferred candidate Volaworand, breaking the tie and essentially deciding the round.

In the second round, I published a now-nonexistent dispatch attempting to expose the demographic imbalance of the voters and their preferred candidates. However, it was met with heavy criticism from the nations I was trying to expose, forcing me to delete it.

At around the same time, Auphelia came back from her amusement at the interregional Drop in the Ocean Festival, and when she found out about my dispatch, she immediately became infuriated. Auphelia promptly published her official campaign dispatch for her fifth term, claiming that I "lack the temperament or experience necessary to be a Councillor". Being the resilient person I am, I responded to that statement and just moved on from there, respecting the freedom of the people to think what they want of their superiors and candidates for superior positions.

As almost all of you know, Auphelia is a longtime and well-known member of the TSP community, having made many friends along the way. I, on the other hand, am very active in the community, but I have not befriended as many or not as existed long enough as Auphelia, so she is right on the part that I have less experience in the community.

And there we have it, Auphelia has beat me to the third seat on the August-November 2020 Local Council. But do not worry, comrades, for I am willing to run for Local Councillor again in the November elections (not to be confused with the United States presidential elections), when Auphelia cannot run again due to term limits. Now that the current election has concluded, and now that we have elected our next three Local Councillors, may we have another three months of democracy, happiness, parties, roleplay, and RMB murders; the latter being committed by our very own kraken that we all know and love, Auphelia.