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Region: the South Pacific

Thank-you everyone that voted for me in round 1. I will be publishing a dispatch with my official speech acceping the office soon, but I want share with you what I have just mailed to my voters from round one.

WOW! What an election! Thank-you!

Thank-you for your vote in the first round of the Local Council election. Thanks to your support we have won a resounding and crushing 56 to 55 victory over the dreaded Auphelia! A tie would have been awesome too, but hey, I'll take it. Really... Thank-you! I am honored and humbled by your support and am looking forward to keeping the LC out of your business, only stepping in within reason.

Now we need to finish the job!

To that end, I wholeheartedly endorse and encourage you to vote for Drystar in round 2. Drystar is the 9th oldest nation in TSP, a highly respected regular in the RMB, and shares a reasonable, no-BS outlook on RMB moderation. Drystar has stuck with TSP through thick and thin, coups and upheavals, and his perspective will be truly invaluable on the Local Council.

You can vote for Drystar in round two here: page=poll/p=161623

Drystar's campaign dispatch: straightforward and to the point, much like the man himself:

Greetings, Iím assuming if youíre reading this, you havenít been hanging around the rmb for any number of years, and donít actually know me. Thatís fine, Iím happy to fill you in.

Iím what is considered an old timer by game standards. Iíve been in TSP since the very founding of this nation, and have never felt a great desire to wander off to other regions. TSP has always had a home feel to it, what with our llamas cavorting, the lampshade flinging, and the consumption of SPIT.

Iím sure both Tsunamy, and the CRSís are going to want to know if I have any conflicts of interests. Happily for all involved, I can make it simple for you. I have not now, or at any time had any other nations, puppets, or ties to other regions. One nation seems to work pretty well for me.

Iím not going to make any grandiose promises. Those never seem to work for the people that make them, and Iím not that energetic. What I will do if elected is listen to everyone. Oh sure, I may not agree with you, but the rmb belongs to everyone, and I think you have both the right and obligation to use it. The only things I canít stand are trolls, bullies, and arbitrarily made rules. So if you donít fit into those categories, you and I will be good.

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