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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

July 25, 2020


Lorenzo Bienvenida Morterero was sentenced to a "1 week stay at the medical ward" one week ago. During his stay, doctors exposed him to mosquitos carrying Creeperian Malaria to see what affects the disease has on the mentally insane. He was still sick when his week stay was completed and was sent to work in the prison mine. After collapsing from exhaustion after 10 minutes of working, he was left to die in the mine as other prisoners worked around him.

Another prisoner, Stefano Leoz García spun the wheel. It landed on "spin again" and he had to spin it again. It again landed on "spin again" and he spun it again. After landing on "spin again" for a third time, he was shot by a guard in anger. He spun the wheel again and landed on "medical attention." He was treated for his bullet wound and what was diagnosed as anemia.

San Pedro

A group of 30 Mara Salvatrucha gang members stormed the city of La'Mariposa and begin shooting aimlessly. Civilians and soldiers alike were targeted. Buildings were set on fire and people were burned alive inside. The United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis responded with a counterforce of 40 soldiers. After a firefight, Mara Salvatrucha retreated. The AUC reported 5 dead and 8 wounded and claimed that Mara Salvatrucha lost 12 members and had 4 captured who were later beheaded. The AUC lists that 44 civilians were dead, 93 were wounded, and that 11 buildings were burned to the ground. The attack was one of the first committed by Mara Salvatrucha against the AUC and not against the FARSP or the Creeperian government in San Pedro.

AUC leader Carlos Mancuso Gómez broadcasted a message to Mara Salvatrucha following the attack.

You have attacked the city of La'Mariposa for no reason. You killed innocent civilians for no reason. You have declared war on the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis and the civilians of La'Mariposa. We will not forget this day. You will regret ever being born.

Iván Márquez Arango, the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro, also released a statement on the attack.

We, the FARSP, oppose the terroristic AUC in all ways, but Mara Salvatrucha attacking civilians and non-combatants is non-negotiable; it will not be tolerated. We will not spare any mercy to those from Mara Salvatrucha who we arrest. The FARSP exists to protect the people of San Pedro, and you [Mara Salvatrucha] are a threat to San Pedro. You will pay for your crimes.

Heriberto Lazcano Zapata, the leader of Mara Salvatrucha in San Pedro, attacked both the FARSP and AUC.

Señor Gómez, you only seek to expand your influence over traitors to the Fatherland, expand your drug empire, and kill innocent civilians. You will suffer. Señor Arango, you only seek to illegally leave the Fatherland, ruin the lives of the people of San Pedro, and kill innocent civilians. Mara Salvatrucha did not kill a single civilian or burn a single non-combatant alive. The 11 buildings we burned were all military buildings and those "civilians" who died or were injured were military operatives in disguise. You have 0 evidence they were civilians, but we have all the evidence to prove they were military soldiers. Señor Gómez and Señor Arango, we give you this one and only chance to surrender and escape a painful death. AUC: leave San Pedro. FARSP: disarm and submit. Dictator Gutiérrez, leave our San Pedro alone and die.

Iván Márquez Arango, Carlos Mancuso Gómez, and Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez all took offense to how they were addressed. Márquez Arango met with his advisors and planned an attack to retake land lost to Mara Salvatrucha. Meanwhile, Mancuso Gómez met with his advisors and planned to push south and capture the Mara Salvatrucha controlled cities of Colobador and Santa Lulama. Cabañeras Gutiérrez began planning a plan to strike fear into the hearts of Mara Salvatrucha gang members.


The Creeperian Armed Forces liberated the entire city of Ciudad Rey Alfonso I from Deltinian control. The remnants of the Deltinian Liberation Army retreated to the countryside. At 3:00pm SLC, 66 soldiers of the DLA were beheaded for practicing Islam, treason, witchcraft and sorcery, waging war on God, and waging war on the Empire. An estimated 11,000 people died in the battle.

Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination (FALANGE) forces under Raúl Lorenzana Méndez and the Movement of Organized Nationalist Action (MANO, also called Mano Blanca) burned a village along the Creeperian-Sequoyan border. In the village burning, 44 Deltinians were killed and 12 children were abducted.

San Miguel

A group of civilians in Masario claimed that a man who works as a mailman and his family, who had allegedly stolen thousands of dollars of mailed goods, were atheists. A civilian began filming a man who called himself "Señor Mataateo." He spoke to the camera "The man who lives here, Kevin Águila Navarro, his wife, Concepción Varela Piñón, his son, Kevin Águila Piñón, and his daughter, Michelle Águila Piñón, have become apostates to the faith and have proclaimed themselves to be atheists. We are here at 4442 Calle Mafrerio, Masario, San Miguel, and we will show you how to cure someone of atheism." Señor Mataateo and 3 others grabbed jerrycans of gasoline and splashed it all over the house. As that was happening, Águila Navarro opened the door and asked what on terraconserva was happening. Señor Mataateo said "You and your family are being cured." The four lit the house on fire, pushed Kevin inside, and closed the door, lighting it on fire too. The four ensured that no one left and they let the house burn for 6 minutes. Señor Mataateo finished by stating "And that is how you cure people of atheism" and the recording ended. Firefighters arrived 2 minutes after the 5 fled. All four occupants were burned alive.

At 4:07 SST, the video was uploaded to the internet. Thirty minutes later, 7 screenshots of the video were posted to Shichan, a popular anonymous imageboard website. The uploader put subtitles in Quebecshirite on each screenshot using an online Spanish to Quebecshirite translator so that users could understand what exactly was happening.


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