by Max Barry

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Region: The Leftist Assembly

Hello comrades! Youleft's most recent poll has come to a close, people were asked to respond to the following question "in general do you approve or disapprove of the 18th GAs performance and how strongly do you feel in either direction"

Strongly Approve: 60%

Somewhat Approve: 36.67%

Neutral/Unsure: 3.33%

Somewhat and Strongly Disapprove: 0%


1.the sample size for this poll was 30 nations meaning the margin of error was 16.86%

2. the nations selected to be polled were all the electoral citizens and all the WA nations endorsing secretary greylyn

Nottinhaps, Llorens, South Miruva, Kavagrad, and 6 othersGreylyn, Nangka, New Samon, Dyl, Antinios, and Slospenta