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Region: Texas

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of Texas!

Today is:
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
National Refreshment Day
Gorgeous Grandma Day

Quotes of the Day:
“Persevere in virtue and diligence.”- Plautus

“I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back.”- Abraham Lincoln

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein

“Never give up on the things that make you smile.”- Unknown

Music of the Day:

One Direction - Forever Young

On This Day In History:
2008 Cape Verde joins the World Trade Organization, becoming its 153rd member.

2010 One Direction is formed during the X Factor show as Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson join together

2015 NASA's Kepler mission announces discovery of the most Earth-like planet yet - Kepler-452b, 1,400 light years from Earth

2019 US Senate passes bill championed by comedian Jon Stewart to ensure 9/11 first responders fund never runs out of money

2019 BHP becomes the first mining company to tackle pollution, says it will invest $400 million to reduce emissions

Gorgeous Grandma Day

On July 23rd, Gorgeous Grandma Day recognizes all women of a certain age, whether they are grandmothers or not.

Not all women become grandmothers. Those who do, don’t necessarily fit the traditional mold any longer. Others still reach a point where many assume grandmother status, even though no grandchildren are about. Gorgeous Grandma Day embraces the age of the nana and encourages all women to flaunt their granny attitudes with purpose and style.

While some grandmas fit the traditional mold with gray hair and cookie-baking, home-making, hug-giving, child-spoiling energy to spare, many grannies sport a whole new role. Many take on the part of grandma to the children in their lives.

No matter the type of grandmother they are, they’re all different. Some play the hippest games, wear the latest styles, and know how to find the best deals on technology. Even the grandkids can’t keep up! Funny, sassy and energetic grandmas, rebel grannies and smart grannies make the grade, too.

In many scenarios, grandmother-types step into the role where no grandmother remains. These women lend ears, laps, and hugs, much like the nanas of memory. Of course, they build foundations and set young men and women on their path.

Nearly all of these fantastic women pass down family traditions while teaching children to stand on our own. Full of wisdom and wit, what would anyone do without their nanas? They go by many names, but they’re all gorgeous in their own way.

On Gorgeous Grandma Day, let the grandmothers in your life know how much they mean to you.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GorgeousGrandmaDay

No matter your age, be your gorgeous self. Maybe you’re a grandma, and perhaps you’re not. It doesn’t matter. Own the attitude and celebrate. Use #GorgeousGrandmaDay to share on social media


Alice Solomon created Gorgeous Grandma Day in 1984 to honor women of a certain age, whether they were grandmothers or not. It’s a time to recognize their accomplishments and their abilities. Their lives have only just begun.

National Refreshment Day

National Refreshment Day on the fourth Thursday in July celebrates fun at the hottest time of the year. The day toasts those moments of ice, cold refreshment, especially a nice cold beer. These are the simple pleasures that we all love and cherish.

Whether you’re at the beach or wrapping up a long day of work, it’s nice to know there’s a glass waiting for you somewhere. The dog days of summer call for coolers full of ice. Long weekends and vacation days beckon, too. Take a day and celebrate.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalRefreshmentDay

Turn the fan on high, grab your bathing suit, and ice down the beer. Make the most of the dog days and raise a glass to Refreshment! Give a shout out to your favorite brewery or craft beer. You can also thank a server for their dedication and buy them a refreshing beverage. Share in the holiday by using #NationalRefreshmentDay on social media.


Traveler Beer Company founded National Refreshment Day in May 2015 to highlight the refreshing flavors of summer. The Traveler Beer Company was a craft beer venture based in Burlington, Vermont.

In 2015, the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the celebration to be observed annually on the fourth Thursday in July.

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Have an absolutely fantastic, healthy and safe day everyone!

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