by Max Barry

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Region: Dione


Sedna awoke from her sleep to the sight of dawn casting its first light over the city of Eudos. They were getting ready to dock, and Sedna was asking herself whether the coronation will go as expected, and how the diplomatic relations with Kalidora will go. She glanced over a picture of Alcibiades, the Strategos they were going to contact as soon as they would land. His gaze was cutting like an Uvla hunting knife, and in his eyes you could see how much he cared about his community and country. As the ship stopped in the harbor and she stepped down on for, Sedna heard a polite greeting from the man himself, and an invitation towards a city tour.
"We would be honored to accept, esteemed Strategos Alcibiades. We care about the history and atmosphere of a city as much as we do for politics and diplomacy. Besides, there will be plenty of time to meet with the Bassilium themselves later."