by Max Barry

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Region: Dione


Councillor Antia had worked towards her current position, because she wanted Carmor to have better foreign relations, and she absolutely loved the diversity between countries. All the different cultures, governments, education and so much more! Carmor has done pretty well by itself so far, but could definitely do better, and she hoped other nations could help with this.

Her biggest priorities were culture, science and education. Carmor, despite its social progressiveness, has always lacked in its culture and design. Their architecture had not changed much in the past 2000 years, but during early industrial times many large and often visible additions had been made, leaving a lot of exposed mechanics like pipes and gears. Most were not in use, but had remained as removing them was deemed too expensive and complicated.

So shortly after her arrival in Kalidora, she already hoped this would be the first of many visits. Kalidora was magnificent, and she only barely managed to hide her excitement when they were told the Bassilium had arranged for them to view a play. While on their way to the theatre, Antia discussed the general state of Kalidora, trying to gain a better understanding of Kalidora, before starting with some more specific questions, already preparing for a more detailed political discussion later. After that, she went into specifics, eagerly listening to Lysandria’s answers, with Gaius behind them taking notes, trying to write as fast as the two spoke. “What are your scientific focuses? Do you think other fields will gain more attention with a Bassilium who’s less focused on war? And how progressive is Kalidora? A non-binary head of state is an amazing step in equality and representation, but how does the population feel about it?” She could go on, but they had already arrived at the theatre, where the play was ready to begin.