by Max Barry

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Region: Dione


Eudos, Imperial Capital of Kalidora

Strategos Alcibiades, son of Cleinias, soldier and scholar awaited the delegation from the frozen lands. His traditional uniform complemented by a cape designating him as the Bassiliuses man. The port of the eternal city rumbled quietly into the night. In many foreign nations, civil and military duty might be seen as different, or even opposed, but in Kalidora they went hand in hand. It was the duty of the citizen to protect their polis, and it was a great honour to do so. In fact, every Kalidoran was trusted to keep their weapons with them even after military service. Alcibiades had been part of the armed forces for a while, reaching the rank of strategos fairly recently, due to in small part to his stellar work in the Peloponnesian War that had torn Kalidora in 2. For a minute, the son of Cleinias was no longer in Eudos, but back in the small village of Ithika, a place artillery shells wiped off the map. He remembered the gentle spring showers being drowned out by the sound of weapons of war. "May those that come after me live in less interesting times" he soberly thought as his sight returned to the port and his mind whipped back to the present.

The eyes of the master of strategy spotted a gargantuan ship making it's way to the docks. Such a vessel was more appropriate to see in a shipyard rather than a historic port. "These must be the khiṓn ánthropos" The ship was massive, displacing as much water as a Ketos class missile cruiser. As the delegation stepped down onto the floor, Alcibiades greeted them. "Praise be to the eternal creation! Welcome oh most honered guests, it is not often we see you come down from the cold."

Acliabiades mission was simple: to get more information about Uvlagiaq. From there, he had enough autonomy to decide if they should be placated or approached as friends.
"Though the Bassilium impatiently awaits to greet all guests, I think you might want to benefit from a tour of Eudos. There are plenty of interesting sights to behold and the Bassilium has ensured a place at the latest tragedy Cleon for your delegation specifically."

Lysandria of Atikka also happened to be at the dock. Part of the civil service since a young age, Lysandria had oriented her career towards international relations. This had been a terrible mistake up until recently. The old Bassileus and his war made foreign relations a very low priority. Lysandria even regretted taking that Carmoran language course. Seemed like a waste of colledge credits when everyone else had taken fun things like "Slam Poetry" and "Pedantic Questioning". After all, when most of the budget is going towards arming the police as much as a full phalanx unit, and the rest of the budget was guns, not much was left for the pen, it's might lost completely on the Bassilieus of old.
Now however, now there was hope. The new Bassilium understood that prestige abroad was prestige gained at home. A true embodiment of the five virtues.
Lysandria's hemtion veiled her in the purple of the sacred chair. Her eyes kept darting around the port, anxious to find the Carmoran boat that had made it's way across the Epimetheus' Sea. The connection between Carmor and Kalidora was not a new one, but it's freindship had not been kindled in a long time. It was Lysandia's job to light that fire once more.
After what felt like eons (it was only 2 hours) a monstrous shipping contained made it's way to port, followed by a luxurious yatch. They both bore the distinctive gear iconography of the continental Respublica and pulled to the dock.
"Ave Councillor, may the eternal creation shine in it's splendour. Welcome to Eudos."
The foreign delegation stepped ashore. "The Bassilium has arranged for you to view a the latest play from Cratinus the Younger. It will be held near the imperial garden where we can discuss in privacy if the need arises."
And with that the delegation made their way to the play. The problem of the statue's placement was transfered to Lysandria's boss, the Bassilium.