by Max Barry

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Region: Dione

The council didn’t need to discuss the upcoming coronation, foreign affairs are always left to the International Councillor, currently Pia Antia. She was pacing around her office while her secretary, Gaius, was throwing out ideas for gifts. ”Maybe a finely crafted toga, or a proper hat befitting of a person of their stature?” he suggested. “A toga? That’s a little old isn’t it? And who wears hats these days? No, it has to be something that properly reflects our beautiful nation, but what?” Councillor Antia replied. “Maybe a beautiful marble sculpture of a goose?” “What’s up with the love of geese in this country? Yes it’s our national animal and an important part of our history, but the amount of goose related memorabilia is getting a little out of hand, don’t you think? No, a goose won’t do, but a statue just might.” she remarked.

Carmor had always prided itself on its amazing marble sculptors, who were able to make marble look and even feel like an actual person. “A statue is nice, but this is a big event, so a simple statue won’t do, we need something with a bit more impact.” Antia thought for a while, and Gaius, all too familiar with the Councillor’s thinking face, knew to stay quiet. After some more pacing and murmuring while looking at the floor, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, lifted her head and said “get every sculptor you can find, we don’t have much time, but I have an idea.”

About 80 sculptors worked all day for 8 days, but they finished it. It was a sight to behold, even while still in the warehouse they built it in. A giant cylindrical tower, with every Bassileum Kalidora has seen in the past 2000 years, with Philon on the very top, receiving a torch from Arcadius the Fifth. The tower was over 50 meters tall, so transport would have to be by freight ship. Councillor Antia followed behind the freight ship in the official state yacht, slowly on their way to Kalidora.