by Max Barry

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Region: Dione


A few days before the coronation, Imperial Palace Eudos, Capital of Kalidora

Philon of Serres, soon to be the most powerful individual in all of Kalidora stood with their general staff. The nomad scholar has rounded up a crew of experts, euridtes, as well as heads of industrys and heads of diffrent branches of the armed forces. These would be the long arms of the Bassilium.

"Thank you all for gathering here on such short notice." the future head of state said. "We are here to plan out my future mandate, mostly internationally, but also domesticallly. I estimate I have a solid 20 years on the throne before begging to wither like my predessesors. Kalidora needs to be taken into a new age. The nation is almost 2 millenia old, and the days of glory are long behind us. It would seem the eternal creation no longer blesses us with the same conditions as Constatine the 5th and his silk trade, nor are our armies as strong as Phocas and her Amazon dozen. Simply put, we need to put Kalidora back on the map and at the forefront of international diplomacy. Let our word be backed by real muscle, weather soft or strong, and not by simple tradition. Eudoxus of Cidus please introduce the rest of the groups to our wine foreign policy."

An elder man, whose beard had more hair than his head got up and beamed a map for the group to see.
"The Bassilium believes the key projecting our power and influence is to invest into a special kind of soft power, namely education. I believe they have the right intuition. How can we claim to posses incredible wisdom when there are plenty of nations out there beating us at our own game? Simply put, we need to have more knowledge flow into Kalidora. The great library of Samos must once again flow with foreign knowledge. This is the first part of our policy which we shall dub wine, for reasons that become apparent later. We will negotiate this either one on one or form some sort of international organisation, taking on members and preparing exchange programs, civilian research etc. We need to make use of all positive tools at our disposal to make this happen. Museum exchanges, joint research, library programs, founding shrines to the eternal creation, and even trade agreements with riders. That's not to say this is paramount, simplicity that it is our mondu operandi."

Philion spoke up. "To contrast our wine policy is the vinegar policy, which will compromise all activities to placate nations and maintain Kalidora safe, secure and on the world stage. In some ways, wine policies with time become viniger policies. A recent reassessment on the potential threats to Kalidora will soon be handed out and discussed. Consider these to be a set of guidelines and information collected one each nation in order to have an idea of how the throne feels about them. If during your work situations change, notify us so we may update the statues of each nation. So far we have collected enough information for the following 4. As more nations make their moves on the world stage, dossiers will be drafter for each of them.

Threat Level: Medusa
Synopsis: The The Workers Union for the Proletariat has the potential to be a rogue nation, and ideologically challenges Kalidoran on almsot every front. The Union recently banned religion, including our very own worship to the eternal creation. They seem to view beleif and progress as being mutually exclusive, the opposite of us. Morover, they ideological zeal could very easily turn militant, though the country has a history of pascifism.
Notes by Acros of Armed Forces:
No armed forces could threaten us, but we have no idea how powerful or strong any espionage operations might be, though we pressume they can't afford it. However, if some sort of powerful leader clawed their way top, then we might have some problems.
Notes by Acros of the Economy:
Not likely they will grow much.

Threat Level: Kharybdis
Synopsis: Though dismissing these tattoed boat men as nothing more than fishermen is tempting because of the e "Tribal" aspects of their culture and way of life, doing so would bind us with doomed pride. Tiaremotu has a large armed force, and is geographically close enough to us to be troublesome. On top of that, their direct democracy is unlike anything in Dione and they could easily escalate any conflict between our nations as simple misunderstandings evolve into full blow ideological throw down. Placating and/or befriending them is preferable.
Notes by Acros of the Economy:
Given their large army, but lack of domestic arms indutry, this could be an excellent oppurtinity for us to make a killing
Notes by Acros of Armed Forces:
Their focus on peninsula warfare is very dangerous. Spend bullet money on gifts and spare us all the trouble.

Threat Level: Typhoon
Synopsis: Shikito is trouble. Their bottom line driven mentality can be a large threat to us all. Any small incident might be blown into something much larger by them and their ecstasy for gold. Keeping their arms industry at a low level is paramount. That being said, they specialise in many industries we don't, meaning our respective competitve advantages are in line. However, any deal strcuk might be rejected by labour movements and will be challenged. Thread the needle carefully.
Notes by Arcos of Armed Forces:
As Mikiavelo said in his famous treaty, do not trust mercenaries. If the gloves come off, it will be a long and hard fight, but we have the capacities to come out on top if need be. Soft solutions are preferable.

Threat level: Sphinx
Synopsis: A real riddle. Not much is none of Uvlagiaq. However, their public education is the strongest in the world, making them an ideal candidate for our Wine policy. The Open hand is preferable to the fist. Ensuring food security is also an objective. More investigation is needed.

The rest of the meeting went down fairly normally, with the soon to be Bassilium announcing some bold moves on the domestic front, including the slashing of some funding for law and order.