by Max Barry

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Region: Dione


Eudos, Capital of Kalidora
Aratus was about to directly take the foreign delegation to the hotel, when he realised this was a wonderful opportunity to display the Kalidoran wit and spirti to this foreign digintary. " President 'Oleloia, allow me to show you the honor and responsability that comes with the Mankas Omiltis title. He handed her the badge that adorned his chest. He prefered doing this a bit more incognito, as the prey had to be lured out. "Stay here and keep this. Soon you will see, or rather hear a traditional Kalidoran take down", and with that he approached the suspicious scholar.

Air rushed to his lungs as his stomach swelled. It was an ancient theater technique to project your voice. His voice cut through the bustling street.
"Praise be to the eternal creation! When it rained beauty upon all creation you sir must have discovered umbrellas. Or perhaps we should petition the Erudites for a new investigation into weaponising your voice to shatter glass." The noisy street became silent, as if those words had caught across a thousand conversations.

The fraudulant scholar stepped back, not expectin such a piercing attack to be made in daylight. "I stand by my claim. You may mock my apperance and voice, but as Eudecia told Bione during the Trail of Brass, "It is man's character that is to be judged". You'll find none so wise as me on theses streets." HE had taken the bait. "Oh wise?" Aratus said "Well then, perhaps you can help me with a simple conundrum I have been having. What kind of creature is a man?"The conman tought for a second. "Simple, man is a featherless biped." The street was quite, anticipating the reply Aratus would deliver.
The Mankas Omiltis made his way to on of the small sellers, tossed the seller a coin and took on the roasting chickens. "Behold Kalidora, the swindeler's man!" he proclaimed as he held the chicken up high for all to see. Some lauched, some applauded, others simply went about their day. Aratus was content with his demonstration, and went back to the president of the archipelago.
The two kept chatting until they reached the Méga Palátion, where all foerign diginitaries were being kept in the right wing.
"I've been informed that the Bassilium will soon be meeting with the foreign guests. I have other duties to attend to. If there are any problems with the acomodation, just speak to some of the staff."
And with that the party of two split into a party of on