by Max Barry

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Region: Dione

As Yfke and Senna were eating their lunch with a heavy hart, a waitress approached them asking Is there anything I can do for you two? in a tone of exaggerated submissiveness, followed by a whispered Or the revolution?. Before the pair could respond, they were interupted and warned about being covert. Fetch us more champagne! Yfke blurted out, despite barely a sip missing from her glass. Senna quickly grabbed a napkin and penned down their room number before sliding it towards Līlīlī, For your troubles they added. Līlīlī quickly snatched the napkin and disappeared into the crowd to avoid further suspicion.

It seems that despite spending more than five times as us on law enforcement, Kalidora can't properly vet their staff. Senna noted. And it's a good thing they can't. Yfke responded, Otherwise we would've never found sympathy in this bourgeois clique. I mean just look at all this opulence. Senna glanced around the room, Many don't even seem to be satisfied with their acquired wealth, judging by the fake smiles and joyless eyes. Some seem to be quite happy to participate in this theater of power and politics. Yfke griped. Senna answered, The acquisition of wealth does provide fleeting pleasure, and for these people the vault doors to unbridled power have just been unlocked.