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FRS Civil Service Interest Poll Results

Feral Rat Stats have completed our recent poll on participatory interest in the 1st Greylyn Cabinet's Civil Service Initiative (CSI), and these are the results.

QUESTION: Are you interested in joining the Civil Service once it is implemented?

Yes, I am interested in joining the Civil Service: 25%
No, I am not interested in joining the Civil Service: 28%

Unsure/Neutral: 38%
Other: 9%


1) The sample size was 32, and the margin of error was 16.28%.

2) The Cabinet were briefed regarding the finer details of the numbers as they existed approximately 12 hours before the poll closed, with analysis. These details will not be released as the poll was incomplete at that stage. The numbers involved did not change significantly between this briefing and the closure of the poll, and as such FRS stands by the analysis that we gave to the Cabinet.

3) In the "Other" category, 2 respondents noted that they had other commitments preventing them from participating regardless of interest, and 1 stated that they did not know what the Civil Service is. We provided this person with a link to the official CSI dispatch.

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