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Region: Hiyamashu

Abhazin wrote:For my factbooks stuff, what elements are most vital? I have been using other nations as examples and see history, language, geography, religion, and economy. What should I start with?

Well I myself have no factbooks but i am working on my history, so i may not be as qualified on this subject as some of our other members but i would recommended starting by working out your history, which may include things such as geography and religion, e.g.

The nation of Abhazin was founded in (insert year) in the valley/mountains/fields of Hiyamashu, its location was chosen because (insert name), the founder of Abhazin believed it was an area that would bring them closer to (insert the thing worshipped in your religion).

But you may find this too challenging, if so i would think Political system or Language would be relatively easy but the choice is yours.