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Region: Selene

After a slow Newsweek and a much needed vacation... *clears throat*

Shocking evidence of the former Parliamentary Leader trying to bribe Leader Kupäl in to resigning. Here’s the video...

Kupäl: Look. I will not take your 3 million Astrons. Those 3 million Astrons can keep parks clean and crime off the streets!

Former Leader Humphreys: This is my seat. This election was obviously rigged by your committees and...

Kupäl: Committees for Elections are prohibited by law AND YOU KNOW THAT!...

It seems as though Kupäl wasn’t going to say anything back, but just today he held a press conference about what happened...

Press: What are you doing about Humphreys? What are you going to say to him?

Kupäl: You [Humphreys] told me you were using election committees and accused me of doing so as well. Here is a list of charities and fundraisers that I put money into instead of a smear campaign. Unlike him, I actually care for the FE Citizens! And that is why he is out of office.

Hot news, by that I mean heatwaves galore! Next on FENN.