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Region: New West Indies

I'll return my most sincere congratulations to Ventus Prime and Volirum. Both were excellent candidates who gave their time and passion for this election. They have contested this election fairly, have exhibited great sportsmanship, and are upstanding citizens of this region. I am proud to count both of you as members of the Indies.
Even if they are not in office this time, I have no doubt their contributions and ideas will not be forgotten. Expect a DM/TG from me soon :)

I wish to extend these congratulations to Blankenheim, Evile puppet, and The Sakura Nippon, who ran as Secretaries on other tickets. You too have shown you were ready to dedicate time for us, and I am the first to be grateful for it.

To Secretaries Cymiopolis (oh, what a surprise!), and New United Carolinas, congrats for your re-election. You have been brilliant statesmen, and I look forward to working with you. Secretaries-Elect Funky Goats and North Italian Union, congrats for arising to Cabinet for the first time, I hope you remain the great people you already are. Thanks to all four of you for accepting to put your names on this ticket, this victory is very much yours.

Achipel and The Anarchist Communist, you get a special tip from my pointy wizard hat for administering this election.

Finally, thank you to all New West Indians who voted. Certainly, those who voted for me, but also those who voted for Ventus Prime and Volirum. You are the active citizens of the Indies that this Government will serve, regardless of how you have voted. Without you this region would be nothing.

Now I have pinged half of the region I'll go shake a bunch of hands. Y'all can always find me as Seafarer#5810 on Discord, and my Telegrams are always open to every single one of you. I would encumber you with some kind of victory speech, but I heard from insider sources that you'll get a much more epic speech soon enough, and I don't want my logorrhea to ruin it (yet).

Shoot the Fireworks!