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Region: The Milky Way Galaxy

Taledonia wrote:On what it means, or on what "it" means?

Both to be honest!

The First Interstellar wrote:Questions:

1) How hard is the level of science fiction in this region?
2) Do we have a Discord?

1) As hard or soft as you like, really. Yes, that is what she said. I just said it.

I know at least one nation lurking in here prefers their tech hard-boiled, with floaty crewmembers, big radiators to keep the floaty crewmembers from boiling alive, and G-force-inducing engines that kill them with thrust anyway, and all that jazz.

Then there's me, teleporting all over the shop like somebody who never stopped to consider whether or not transporters kill the original person and create a copy of them at the othe- wait...

2) Take it up with Taledonia. I don't like Discord, personally, so I'm relieved by its absence. Or more precisely, my laptop doesn't like it. Also I don't like it.

The First Interstellar wrote:Also, allowing for such a fluid range from near-reality to basically fantasy would create very unfair power balances.

It's up to you whether you choose to roleplay with people on the opposite end of the spectrum. Personally some of my favourite RPs have been driven by a power imbalance, though - whether that be myself or others. Don't discount them on face value. The key is to evaluate whether or not the person you're roleplaying with is "in it to win it" or just wants to tell a good story. If it's the latter, you can probably work something out.