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Region: Taijitu

Inglo-Scotia wrote:Not gonna happen. Taijitu RP is too insular and every attempt to reboot it sees it die because no one is interested in actually RPing. Used to think I was the problem, because I would go "do I get bored too easily?"
Turns out no. RP is hella fun when you have people who actually respond consistently.


2- You came in with Myro and Funk and Gulliver. Gulliver has a good rep in TNP, but he's even less active then you can be. And Myro and Funk? They stir the pot just because. Funk was always a miserable little person, but Myro used to be pleasant. No idea what happened to him. "Oz by himself" is a better deal than "Oz with Myro and Funk."
Regardless they had as much of a bad rep as you did when you four came in.

3- You gotta get over the idea that you're that much better than everyone. I have no idea what TNP RP was like when you first tried it. Maybe it was trash? I donno. It wasn't what I would call Taijitu levels when I joined in 2017, but it's improved GREATLY since I got there. I've seen individual RPers improve before my eyes. There's stuff there that I would put up against you, Dixie, and Myro's best work when you're both motivated, and you three are some of the best RPers I've seen in NS (when you're motivated).

Anyway I'm lead RP mod over there these days. I like you Ozy, so if you wanna come over and not cause problems? I'll make it work. That's what the deal is.

Eh, no thanks, before I stopped activity we were all pretty discouraged due to player/mod response and the cartographer ignoring us. Can't speak exactly for others, but for the most part we just wanted to do dumb RP with mcm to counterbalance bad rp responses he was getting. While fun to plan out at first, think we all lost interest because we were more interested in story-driven worldbuilding, like writing a collective book.

As for Funk/Myro, who cares what TNP thinks now? they're cool dudes.

I wouldn't say Taijitu RP/Worlduilding is better, just different. Other NS-RP communities like TNPRP treat it more like a spreadsheet simulator of risk and arbitrary numbers, and many people there also treated worldbuilding as a way to express their personal beliefs like they were creating their own version of Moore's Utopia. Meanwhile, our worldbuilding was usually about having a setting surrounded by dumb hijinks and more character driven stuff. Myroria likes to make morrowind with a royal crisis, I liked to write the antagonist, usually with communism, Putin-esque schemes, and crime, Khem's worldbuilding was like taking a trip, etc.

It's like the Plinkett review, where he asks his friends to describe the protagonists. If people asked me to describe nations in Taijitu-RP similarly, I think I could come up with some good answers. In TNP-RP, no idea, I could only really describe their system of government or how many times they sent millions of peacekeepers for any problem.

TL:DR - TNPRP, you do you, TaijituRP, you do you or not, we haven't done anything in awhile.

New Delfos - always willing to try again if the forum is ever back up