by Max Barry

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Region: Confederation of the Mediterranean

Affected Economic/Governmental/Physical Factors

- Environmental Beauty: N/A

- Means of Production: Slightly halted; Still running because of automation

- Exportation/Importation: Still running; Under strict control

- Tourism: Declining immensely

- Government Resources/Police: Majorly active to deal with crisis
[this also means heightened defense]

- Healthcare: Running on overdrive

Affected Civilian Factors

- Public Transportation: Running; Have armed police

- Private Transportation: Heavily restricted

- Purchasing/Deliveries: Purchases are made online; Brought to homes via automated trucks

[should be noted the rest of the procyon system is not dealing with this crisis as of now]

National guard units could now be seen in Pirth City and Nacona, especially around government areas. They work the streets, capturing as many infected as possible without killing them. Civilians are encouraged to stay in their homes unless they need otherwise; If so, they are placed in lines near bus stops and metro stations and spread out. Masks are encouraged, and those with rebreather augments were safe.