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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

This proposal has been presented; however, a special vote to include temporary members has been proposed. Full members, please vote on whether or not you want to have a special vote to include temporary members. If a majority (4/6) is reached, the special vote will begin. Voting on the actual proposal will commence after this vote.

TEU Proposal 11: Ammend Article Six the Charter
presented by Willdavie and Terranihil

After a nation has been a temporary member for three months, full member nations will vote on whether to accept the temporary member nation as a full member. Unanimous agreement by full members is required. If unanimous agreement is not met, a second simple majority vote will take place on whether to keep the temporary member in temporary status for longer or completely eject them.

This shortens the temporary membership period from five months to three months.


Gagium will vote AGAINST having a special vote. While temporary members absolutely have the right to vote on TEU policy that affects their nations and citizens, we see no reason for temporary members to vote on reducing their time spent as a temporary member.