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Trecdom2 wrote: Day 17: A movie from the 60's


Trecdom2 wrote:Day 18: A film based on a book

A Wrinkle in Time

V E R N E R wrote:Texas Mammals BINGO - Round 13

Verner please confirm my BINGO:

V E R N E R wrote: do you think I have any chance of joining the Space Force? ;)

Iím sorry Verner but I donít think youíll ever be physically fit enough to join the Space Force.

V E R N E R wrote:

That said, I would GREATLY appreciate it if everyone could please continue to pray for my heart to continue to recover and become stronger and to have a steady heartbeat without any reoccurrence of Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias.

Iíll pray for you. :)

Kyletana, UNSC Artificial intelligence (SN: KTN 8642-9)