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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Terranihil wrote:TEU Proposal 10: Addition of Article Nine to the Charter
presented by Willdavie

Any full member nation can propose a special all member vote, in which both full members and temporary members can vote on a proposal. A motion to hold an all member vote on a proposal needs a majority to pass; if it fails, a regular full member vote on the said proposal will proceed. Admission into the TEU as a full member will remain restricted to full members only.

This amendment needs unanimous support by all full member states to pass. Please vote either for or against; reasoning is recommended but not required. The vote will remain open for 24 hours.

The Willdavisian delegation vote YES to this proposal. This way, they get to be more involved in the TEU. And since it's on a vote, they don't always are required on a vote if not asked to. Plus, it won't affect the admissions, since we think it's not a matter for the Temporary Members.