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Region: the South Pacific

The great parkguinius wrote:Aumeltopia

*burns a box of biscuits*


Here is my speech:

No! You naughty thing! Stop burning perfectly good food! *snatches box away from you*


Well, really, I can't say much more than that it's much less about me and much more about the amazing work that has been put into the SWAN initiative over the past year or two (plus a smattering of luck). The only reason our endorsement numbers have grown so much is because of the endorsement culture we've managed to instill. United States of Vietnam gets a whole lot of the credit there. I'm just truly honored to have been delegate at the right time and part of a cohort of TSPers who really care about this project.

And my endorsement level isn't the only (or even the main) important number. Let's get the endorsements of the CRS-- that's Tsunamy, Amerion, Farengeto, Sandaoguo, Kringalia, Pencil Sharpeners 2, and Erinor -- up as well!

We've been able to climb so many endorsements in the past few days because of a massive influx of new nations. 1,000 isn't set in stone -- in 20-something days, it's likely a whole bunch of nations will cease to exist. If we step up integration right now, we can get as many of those new nations as possible to stick around and keep our numbers up.

Finally: TNP, here we come! >:)

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