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Region: Lorania

Right, plans!

1. Constitution

  • I think that we should bring the Thorossian one here and we can use that

  • I think that it has a solid legislature and a solid distribution of power

  • Everyone needs to be happy with it

2. Recruitment

  • We’ve got a base of old DRFians here, but we need to use that to build further

  • Let’s make ourselves known on the forums, setting up a gameplay thread to be updated with news from Lorania. If possible, we need to have multiple Loranians posting on it

  • Hopefully (if he gets here), Zweites can set up an API which would really help us increase in size

  • Template and manual recruitment encouraged for everyone to do!

3. Government

  • Hold elections when we have enough nations

  • Set up an HoC

  • Set up the government and cabinet, and so we can establish a solid political side of the region

4. Community

  • Activity is key to survival, so we need to establish and active, friendly and casual community

  • One if the DRF’s main selling points was its community, we need to build one from the ground up here, and luckily we have a base

  • Let’s have an active RMB to keep new arrivals interested

So, everyone happy?