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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:MARCH 31, 2020
A small special forces detachment has been sent to Morova to make contact with Zion to consider our options there, however, more reports on this will come in the future. However, now is the time for moving forward.

Upon hearing that the FSQ is in Morova with goals of contacting Zion, both the DINA and SSS contact the FSQ operatives informing them that both the DINA and SSS are training rebels in Zion to topple the government. The DINA and SSS wish to cooperate with the FSQ in its goals. The trained rebels will remain on standby to be called upon if needed.

CODECO later announced that both the DINA and SSS are in Morova training rebels for Zion to topple the government and that the rebels will be on standby until further notice due to the surrender of Karamazov.

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