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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

MARCH 31, 2020

News of the open conflict in Morova has broken out into the world. For many, it is unsurprising and feels as if it had been coming for many months. Despite this, it still comes as some level of a shock to many people in Quebecshire even has it actually happens. Even though the conflict was far from home, most Quebecshirites are strangers to the concept of war and its impacts.

Parliament Hall, Quebecshire

Lucien LaRochelle walks to the podium in front of the Parliament building in Quebecshire City where a large group of reports wait to hear his update to the nation on the affairs that have transpired in Morova.

    "As many news outlets reported, last night combat altercations began in Morova between the international blockading forces and the Karamazov regime. I regret to inform the public that roughly thirty Quebecshirite servicemen did die in the battles in the Glaceis ocean. Our allies in New Gandor have also reported some losses, and our government expressed our condolences to the families of all who have been impacted by this event.

    In brief summary of the events, the Morovan navy is largely incapacitated and has surrendered. A small special forces detachment has been sent to Morova to make contact with Zion to consider our options there, however, more reports on this will come in the future. However, now is the time for moving forward.

    ...Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. The Gandorian fleet arrested Karamazov shortly after his surrender and he is currently in transport from Beauvois to Bostonia, where he will await trial if our upcoming Security Council Resolution passes.

    Quebecshire sends unending thanks to our allies, those participating in this blockade and supporting us for the betterment of the international community. We hope the worst of this crisis is behind us. To what remains of the regime in Morova, this is what we have to say for you. The end goal of the international forces is peace and fair elections in Morova. If you continue to be hostile, the blockade will resume retaliation. Whoever is now in charge of your assembly, military, and government, we await your response to these developments.

    Quebecshire is committed to a swift and decisive end to this crisis, with a victory for democracy, diplomacy, and prosperity. Thank you."

Administration for International Cooperation and Development, Quebecshire City

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:The strip
“His regime will fall, no matter what you or I do. Such is the fate of the old world.”

"Well, you say that, but heh, it was Quebecshirite cruise missiles lighting up the sky there last night. But we're here to offer you support, on the conditions that you allow free and fair elections in Morova at the conclusion of all this."

Zionian Desert, Morovan Island

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:Zion
“What do you need?”

"We are here to provided training and assistance in clandestine security operations."

Creeperopolis, Caezar, Terranihil, New Gandor, and 1 otherThird dynasty of ur