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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Creeperopolis wrote:DTI Chalatenango, DTI Ciudad Rey Alfonso I, and DTI Denshire are completely unharmed since the range of the torpedoes fired are well, well below their maximum range.

The submarine is ordered to surface and surrender its entire crew to the destroyers. The submarine is ordered to fire all their torpedoes as to not play any "funny games" with the destroyers.

The Creeperian fleet immediately dispatches the BHI San Lucas hospital ship to go help tend to the wounded soldiers of the sunken ship of the Gandorian fleet.

Casualty report for the NGS Obfity.

Crew of 400

257 dead (Including the captain of the ship)
143 wounded

Casualty report for the NGS Thompson

Crew of 1,600

23 dead
57 wounded

Total Gandorian casualties

280 dead
200 wounded

Creeperopolis and Caezar